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I use an integrated approach and the principles of evidence orthodontics. Thanks to work in the team of doctors of Konfidencia I have faced with many complex clinical cases. With all my love for science, I do not forget about questions and wishes. I get on with both adults and small patients easily.

Maria Basek is a representative of a new generation of orthodontists with a flexible clinical thinking and advanced empathy. Maria's post-diploma clinical experience after residency is related to the Konfidencia, where she received an offer to continue working as one of the best graduates.

Maria is an ambassador of digital orthodontics and 3D treatment planning in C. She was the first in the practice of the clinic who used a digital scanner as an alternative to the usual, not the most comfortable methods of dental impressions. The discussion of the treatment plan with her patients takes place not only with the help of tooth photos but on a virtual model which can be twisted on the screen and shown in a real time

For 2.5 years of work, Maria has already gained credibility among colleagues who ask for her advice in cases of digital treatment planning. She teaches master classes for fellow orthodontists, dental surgeons and orthopedists.

The main concept of Maria’s work is aesthetic orthodontics and the creation of beautiful smiles in terms of an integrated approach. As an orthodontist she is responsible for the correct bite and the orthopedist Arsen Kurbanov working with her in tandem is responsible for an ideal color and shape of teeth -. Digital technologies provide an opportunity for doctors to show a patient the design of a future smile before the beginning of treatment.

Maria builds honest relationship with her patients. During the planning of treatment she relies on her competence and the wishes of a patient. She is the doctor who does not insist on a certain treatment plan but tries to lead a patient to a conscious and independent decision. Only a doctor-patient partnership based on transparency, honesty, and sincere desire to help leads to an excellent stable result.

Professional skills:

  • Treatment with all types of non-removable orthodontic appliances - vestibular braces systems, non-removable class 2 correctors, non-removable appliance for rapid palatal distractions , etc.;
  • Orthodontic preparation for orthognatic surgery, SARPE techniques, MARPE;
  • Orthodontic treatment of children and adults with clear aligners.
  • Treatment of children with all types of orthodontic techniques
  • Orthodontic treatment for pre-prosthetic rehabilitation.


    • Faculty of Dentistry at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University. Specialist diploma with honors, 2018
    • The Orthodontics Residency at North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, 2020


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