Kozlova Alexandra Andreevna

Dentist Therapist, Endodontist
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Alexandra Andreevna follows a comprehensive approach in therapeutic treatment. High professionalism in endodontics and planning of orthopedic restorations allow her to treat and restore teeth fully with reliable modern methods.

The key specialization of the doctor is a complex endodontics - the treatment and curing of tooth canals. All manipulations are treated only under a microscope to achieve a reliable and stable result.

In addition to reliability the main value for Alexandra Andreevna is aesthetics after treatment. As methods of creating an aesthetic and natural smile, she uses ceramic or composite restorations, clinical and in-crown bleaching. The doctor is attentive to all treatment details and patient’s wishes to draw up an optimal and comfortable treatment plan.

Alexandra’s love of painstaking work and serenity immerse a patient into a calm atmosphere at the appointment. The doctor will explain the treatment procedure in details to exclude all possible exitements of the patient.

 Key skills and specialization:

  • direct aesthetic restoration.
  • Endodontic treatment and retreatment.
  • Pre-prosthetics tooth treatment.
  • Treatment and professional oral hygiene under microscope
  • Zoom bleaching 4


  • · Faculty of Dentistry at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, 2017


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