Lavnikevich Ksenia Mikhailovna

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  • Faculty of Dentistry of the Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University 2007-2012
  • Clinical internship - Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Materials Science with a course of orthodontics in Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University 2012-2013
  • Clinical residency in orthodontics at the Department of Orthodontics, Mechnikov North-West State Medical University 2013-2015

Refresher courses:

  • Bykova E.V., Shtorina G.B. “Success criteria for orthodontic treatment”. St. Petersburg, 2014
  • XVI Congress of Orthodontists of Russia, St. Petersburg, 2014
  • Tikhonov AV, Garchia Espejo. “Seminar on the use of Damon System in orthodontic practice”. St. Petersburg, 2014
  • Tikhonov S. V. “Damon system treatment stages: from the first arch to completion”. St. Petersburg, 2014
  • Tikhonov A.V. “Treatment of various occlusion anomalies with modern fixed technology. Theory and analysis of clinical cases. ” St. Petersburg, 2014
  • Popov S.A. “Lingual orthodontics STb (with practice on typodonts)”. St. Petersburg, 2014
  • Popov S.A. The Incognito Lingual Orthodontic Course. St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Popov S.A. “Absolute anchorage in orthodontic practice (VectorTAS)”. St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Jean-René van Beseler “Completion of treatment on the Damon system. Advanced level". St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Bulatova G.V. “Insignia is a basic course. First stage". St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Nils Halsink “Practical aspects of working with the Myobrace system”. St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Symposium "Christmas meetings with Ormco". Moscow, 2015
  • European Damon Forum - Barchelona, 2015
  • Jean-René van Beseler “Passive self-ligation. Positioning of brackets, archs, bends. ” Moscow 2016
  • Tikhonov S.V. “Orthodontic treatment of children”. St. Petersburg, 2017
  • Chris Chang, “Innovative Techniques for Treating Difficult Cases”. Moscow, 2017
  • Forum “Orthodontist expert 2018”. Moscow, 2018

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