Lezgin Dmitrii Igorevich

Dental surgeon, periodontist
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  • Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University,  2014 

Additional education:

  • Internship at the Department of maxillofacial surgery and dentistry, Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University,  2015 

Advanced training:

  • Sertificate «General dentistry», Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, 2015 
  • Retraining «Dental surgery»,  St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 


  • Foundations of decision-making in implant dentistry: surgical and prosthetic aspects. Nobel Biocare, 2014 
  • New perspectives of aesthetic dentistry. Company «3М Russia», 2014 
  • Dental implantology. St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 
  • Modern technologies in plastic surgery of the oral cavity: osteo-and vestibuloplasty. St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 г.
  • Three-dimensional computer radiology (CT; RKT; MRI) in outpatient dentistry, maxillofacial surgery and otorhinolaryngology, St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 
  • Emergency care in critical conditions of patients in outpatient dental practice, St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 
  • Modern view of decision-making in the daily work of dental surgeon.  St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 
  • Modern methods of complex treatment of periodontal tissue disease. St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 
  • Sinus-lifting.  St. Petersburg Dental Institute, 2015 
  • V Conference for beginning orthodontists Ormco, 2015 
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