Lezgina Nadezhda Alekseevna

Deputy Chief Doctor, Orthodontist
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  • After internship worked as a dentist therapist for 2 years
  • Organizer of office courses and the Academy of Orthodontics based on the orthodontic department of the Confidentiality clinic.
  • Over the past 2 years, she has participated in all significant educational activities in the field of orthodontics.

Proficiency in modern techniques:

  • Proficient in the technique of indirect fixation of bracket systems.
  • Conducts modern orthodontic diagnosing due to 3D cephalometric analysis and CBCT.
  • An integrated approach to patient management


  • Faculty of Dentistry of Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University 2009-2014
  • Clinical internship - Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University 2014-2015
  • Clinical Residency in Orthodontics, St. Petersburg State University 2015-2017.

Refresher courses:

  • Tikhonov S.V. “Damon braces are the first steps to successful treatment. Diagnostics, planning, choice of prescription, positioning ", St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Participant of the V conference of beginning orthodontists, Moscow, 2015
  • Platonov I.A. “Competitive consultation. Patient Motivation for Comprehensive Dental Treatment, St. Petersburg, 2015
  • Kardakov D.A. “Prescription of braces systems. Treatment Philosophy, 2015
  • J. Beseler, “Passive self-ligation — a path to success in your practice”, Moscow, 2016
  • Tikhonov S.V. “Stages of treatment with the Damon system: from the first arc to completion”, St. Petersburg, 2016
  • Bloom S.A. “An integrated approach to the management of orthodontic patients on the Damon system. Retention period. ”St. Petersburg, 2016
  • Esipovich MA “Effective orthodontic consultation”, St. Petersburg, 2016
  • Tikhonov A.V. “Competent use of the Damon system in orthodontic practice: from understanding the principles of work to the final stages of treatment”, St. Petersburg, 2017
  • Tikhonov A.V. “Treatment of various occlusion anomalies with modern fixed technology. Theory and analysis of clinical cases ", St. Petersburg, 2017
  • Morozov M.S. “The Toolkit of a Modern Orthodontist”, St. Petersburg, 2017
  • Badmaeva A.N., Sigua N.V. “Diagnostic planning, joint”, St. Petersburg, 2017
  • Yakimuk Y.V., Morozov M.S., Sigua N.V. “Successful initial consultation”, St. Petersburg, 2017
  • E D.K., Dubovskaya M.A. “Modern Computer Technologies”, St. Petersburg, 2017
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