Morozov Mikhail Sergeevich

Head of Orthodontics Department, orthodontist
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Head of the orthodontic department.
Orthodontist with more than 10 years of practical experience.

  • Lecturer and opionion leader of the Ormco company. Specialist in passive self-ligation (Damon System) and classic ligature braces.
  • Supervises the clinical practice of residents on the basis of the orthodontic department of the Confidencia Clinic.
  • Publishes articles on clinical cases, conducts workshops and webinars for orthodontists throughout Russia, speaks at specialized conferences.
  • Over the past 10 years, he has been a participant or speaker of all significant educational activities in the field of orthodontics.

Professional interests:

  • expert in orthodontic diagnosis
  • fixed orthodontic appliances;
  • complex aesthetic orthodontics;
  • self-ligating and classic ligature braces;
  • correction of bite pathologies in adults;
  • orthodontic preparation for prosthetics and restorations.


  • Tver State Medical Academy, 2002-2007
  • St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, 2007-2009

Postgraduate education::

  • Orthodontics and General Dentistry, St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies, 2009
  • Fundamentals of biomedical statistics and planning of preclinical and clinical studies, State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University”, Russian Ministry of Health, 2013
  • Self-ligating braces. Indications, features of the use of passive systems, Mechnikov North-West State Medical University, 2014

Additional education at the largest professional events and at the best orthodontists:

  • Orthodontics of low friction and weak forces. Damon Passive Self-Ligation System, Dr. Alan Bagden
  • Modern non-removable orthodontic appliances. Advanced Course, Ormco
  • Damon Symposium, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Damon Forum, Antibes, France
  • TOP-10: mastering the Damon system, Dr. Bader Borgan
  • Simple mechanics for great results, Dr. Dimitrias Mavreas
  • Passive self-ligation as a new paradigm in our practice, Dr. Jean-Rene Van Beseler
  • Passive self-ligation in orthodontics of the 21st century, Dr. Garcia Espejo
  • Application of orthodontic microimplants, Dr. Antonio Gracco

Mikhail Sergeevich is one of those doctors who found in orthodontics - a complex and intellectual dental specialty - an application of his mind and his vocation. Passion for work gives him constant professional growth, without which it is difficult to become an expert in such a modern and technological specialty, like orthodontics.

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Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.
Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.

Problem: smile aesthetics and defect in bite function.
Diagnosis: the treatment of upper and lower jaw teeth misalignment and class III malocclusion, caused by increased mandible growth, and prosthetic preparation.
Therapy method chosen: orthodontic treatment using stainless steel self-ligating brackets Damon Q without teeth extraction..
Treatment time: 3 years.


Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.
Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.

Problem:  Smile Aesthetics
Diagnosis: treatment of severe crowding of the dentition.
Selected treatment method: orthodontic treatment with brackets without tooth extraction using the Damon Q metal self-ligating bracket system.
Treatment term:  2,5 years.

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