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At work I am a perfectionist, that’s why during the orthodontic treatment, I am as attentive to detail as possible. I regularly increase my level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills ,also I learn new methods of treatment quite often. I observe the principles of deontology and medical ethics, also I considerate towards the patients and use the most individual approach to treatment. I use modern orthodontic systems and technologies in my work: bite treatment on modern self-ligating systems, clear aligners, lingual braces.

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Rubezhova is a talented young orthodontist who has established herself highly while studying at university, which is confirmed with honors degree. Stunning intelligence and exceptional perfectionism in medical practice prompted her to develop in a scientific activity. In addition to the medical practice at the clinic, the doctor teaches at the Department of Orthodontics at SZMU named after Mechnikov and organizes the educational process at the largest private orthodontic residency in Russia on the basis of the Konfidencia.

For the professional development the doctor chose the direction of pediatric orthodontics. The complex multi-stage work on the formation of a healthy bite of a small patient is the main professional value of Ekaterina. Working with children she focuses on the problem to form the right habits at an early age in terms of a bite formation, This approach reduces the likelihood of braces being installed in the future.

Ekaterina easily gets on with both children and parents, due to the ability to hear needs, fears and she always offers an optimal solution for everyone. Her small patients come to the appointments with pleasure , and their parents are very grateful for her help in forming their children’s right habits and lifestyle The in-depth competence in the pediatric orthodontics is confirmed with 27 scientific works, including publications accredited by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science, as well as 1 article in a foreign journal on English and the preparation for writing a candidate dissertation.

Ekaterina works with all types of braces and clear aligners. During treatment planning doctor is very attentive to the wishes and expectations of a person . Patients note how detailed and understandable Ekaterina is able to explain even the most difficult medical issue - she never spares time communicating because she is sure that only with mutual understanding and the ability to hear each other it is possible to build a productive long-term cooperation


  • Faculty of Dentistry at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University. Specialist diploma with honors, the average score of the diploma is 5.0. Gold medal "To the Best of the Best".
  • The Orthodontics Residency at North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov.

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