Digital orthodontics Insignia

Digital orthodontics — individual braces
Name: INSIGNIA Manufacturer: Ormco (USA) Number of activations: Damon Q 12/Damon Clear 15
normal - high result
visible – invisible braces
Duration of treatment:
long - fast
economy – premium

Digital orthodontics is a revolutionary stage in the improvement of orthodontic treatment methods. An absolute win-win situation for an orthodontist and patient, where the doctor feels no less pleasure from the process of comfortable and predictable treatment than the patient has from a great result.

What is custom braces INSIGNIA?

Custom Braces INSIGNIA (Insignia) is the improvement of Damon braces with digital technologies and the manufacture of individualized braces for each patient. The option is presented for two types of Ormco self-ligating braces - Damon Clear ceramic and Damon Q metal. In the first case, the braces are called INSIGNIA Damon Clear, and in the second case - INSIGNIA Damon Q.

Digital visualization of smile and results before treatment

  • Step-by-step animation of the transformation of a smile from the start of treatment to the removal of braces.
  • ВVirtual orthodontic setup of a future smile.

Full personalization technology of brackets:

  • These are innovative developments and 100 registered patents by the Ormco Orthodontic Corporation that take you first to the world of digital orthodontics.
  • This is a perfect algorithm for calculating the exact position and shape for each tooth.
  • This is an individual design for each bracket and arcwires, reducing the amount of detailing in the end of orthodontic treatment.

The premiere of the magic of digital technology INSIGNIA

Determination of unique anatomy and positioning of each tooth in 3 planes and entering this information into the configuration of each bracket.

To achieve the desired shape of a smile, INSIGNIA calculates a set of individual shapes of orthodontic arches coordinated for the upper and lower jaws with flexures applied to them according to the patient's individual setup.




True orthodontics for the experienced users

Each bracket is unique

Immaculate digital calculation of the configuration of each bracket for maximum accuracy.

Accurate Biomechanics

Transfer embossed mouthguards for precise positioning of braces on the teeth.

Simple like: one, two, three

Simplified fixation of the cap with the relief of the patient's teeth, even on curved occlusal surfaces.

The uniqueness of each tooth

INSIGNIA technology gives the doctor a lot of opportunities

The first is the use of custom braces, which are made according to the diagnostic model of the patient. The orthodontist first creates the so-called setup - the final position of the teeth, which the patient should have at the end of treatment. Braces are made under this setup.

How are custom braces created? - In 4 stages, as well as on the INSIGNIA technology logo

1. Virtual cast of dentition

An orthodontist using a digitized dental impression or intraoral scan creates a virtual model of the patient's dentition on a computer, where the patient's teeth are in their original position.

2. Computer modeling and smile design

In a special orthodontic program, the dentition is aligned and the bite is adjusted, the orthodontist finally details this setup, taking into account the patient's treatment plan. Visualization is especially relevant for complex treatment plans, where there is a complex geometry and it is not always immediately clear how the dentition will contact. Both the doctor and the patient can see it live and model this or that treatment plan.

The standard braces - not an individual one - does the same, but it puts the teeth in the dentition in the way the manufacturer planned it using averaged parameters, and then the doctor additionally individualizes it all with his hands taking into account his experience and expertise.

Conclusion 1. Time is saved because the doctor does it in advance and more accurately using digital planning on the computer.
Conclusion 2. Orthodontist does not have to spend time on the treatment details. Usually, at the end of treatment, the patient's teeth are almost even and the patient, coming to the doctor, does not understand why a visit is needed, while the doctor details at this time. The stage of detailing is one of the most difficult for an orthodontist in terms of patient motivation, since visually everything is already in order. It is quite difficult for a doctor himself to carry out this detailing, not all beginning orthodontists can precisely make bends and re-glue braces. With INSIGNIA technology, an orthodontist performs individualization on a computer before the braces is installed.

3. Creating braces

Braces are created according to individual parameters so that in the end the teeth are in accordance with the planned position.

The patient receives braces, which is made just under his teeth. He gets predictability. The patient knows in advance what the dentition will look like after the end of the treatment, can see it. And the most important thing is a reduction in the number of visits and a reduction in the duration of treatment.

4. Fixing the braces

6 weeks after sending the virtual setup to the Ormco laboratory in the USA, the doctor receives a personal INSIGNIA Kit of the patient with individual archwires and braces, which are located in special portable transfers (caps) and will not allow the orthodontist to make a mistake with fixing braces. These caps are made on the patient's molds using 3D printing and fully display the relief of his teeth. If the doctor fixes this transfer to the patient's tooth, the bracket will automatically fall into exactly the place where it should be. It is impossible to make a mistake with the positioning of the bracket. This reduces the number of patches - braces are fixed in groups, everything happens faster and more convenient for both the doctor and the patient. Arcs also have a clear indication - from the initial size to the maximum.

Ormco conducted a study comparing the treatment of two groups of patients - with direct fixation and using INSIGNIA technology. The difference in the effectiveness of treatment was up to 30% by the number of visits, since any incorrectly fixed bracket is an extra visit to the orthodontist. Learn more about indirect fixation in the clinic Confidencia..

What to do if the INSIGNIA bracket has come off?

Waiting for 6 weeks is not necessary. This is only an additional visit to the orthodontist, there are always extra brackes the INSIGNIA package.

Where are INSIGNIA braces made and how long does it take?

Brackets using INSIGNIA technology are manufactured in Ormco laboratories in the USA in 2-3 weeks. The same amount of time is required for delivery to Russia. Even on "long" holidays, patients do not wait for their kits for more than 2 months.

For a patient with 6 weeks of waiting for INSIGNIA custom braces, this is a 6-month reduction in treatment with traditional braces.

The advantages of custom-braces INSIGNIA Damon over ordinary Damon

Up to half a year, the reduction in the period of wearing braces - and this is 4 activation and 1 orthodontic oral hygiene is less, even than the treatment on effective, but ordinary Damon Q braces.
Predictability of the movement of teeth to the nearest tenths of a millimeter.
Reducing the risk of caries while wearing braces almost to zero.
Full visualization of the patient's future smile.
Reducing the risk of incorrect fixation of braces by an orthodontist
Adequate price for the result is higher than the patients' expectations - only 33% of the difference between conventional Damon Q braces and Damon Q custom braces using INSIGNIA technology.
The future of orthodontics is in digital technologies, such as INSIGNIA, which allow the orthodontist to be more accurate, more predictable, save time and remove the human factor. And at the same time, this technology allows the doctor not to think about how to fix braces or which prescription (configuration) of braces to choose, because the prescription will already be individual. The orthodontist has a creative component - the doctor can think more about the correct position of the teeth, and embody, as an artist, ideal smiles. (c) Dentist orthodontist Dmitry I

What do the INSIGNIA braces look like?

Visually for the patient, they do not differ from ordinary Damon braces - ceramic or metal, except for small changes in the configuration of braces. All characteristics of each bracket will be completely individual. In the design of each bracket, angles are individually laid, which allow it, aligning in a straight arc, to set the teeth as planned on the computer.

Crystal clear ceramic brackets Damon Clear

Мetal  bracketsDamon Q

How to care for custom braces INSIGNIA?

For aesthetic braces, we recommend the advanced rules of oral hygiene while wearing braces

  • orthodontic toothbrush and single tufted toothbrush;
  • orthodontic dental floss and brushes for interdental spaces;
  • alternating toothpaste with remineralizing gel;
  • irrigator for the oral cavity;
  • avoid hard foods such as nuts;
  • Useful tips and guidelines can be found in the Orthodontic Patients section.

Is it possible for children to use INSIGNIA braces?

Children can wear Insignia braces only if the bite is already permanent. Maximum if one or two teeth are missing. Because if the teeth are not in the bite or they are not arised, then the orthodontist will not take them into account during computer processing and they will not be included in the cast. There are no other restrictions.

Recommendations and contraindications for braces INSIGNIA

Recommendations and contraindications correspond to recommendations for ceramic brackets or metal brackets, depending on the bracket system selected for customization.

Types of customized braces:

INSIGNIA is the only digital orthodontics technology for vestibular self-ligating braces. Other manufacturers have not been able to offer anything similar in functionality.

Process of orthodontic treatment

Consultation with orthodontist
1 hour
Request an appointment
Diagnostics (includes the review of medical history, photo protocol, taking imprints)
1 week
Choosing of treatment plan
Manufacturing of braces
6 weeks
Therapeutic treatment
if necessary
Braces fixing
1 hour
Teeth alignment
3-4 months
Bite correction
4-8 months
Detailed treatment
1-3 months
Braces removing and fixing of retainers
1 hoer
Retention period
up to 2 years

Where to put custom braces in St. Petersburg?

In St. Petersburg, and in Russia, there are not so many orthodontists who know the INSIGNIA system. In the Confidentiality Clinic, all orthodontists have long ago switched to the use of digital orthodontics, when it coincides with the situation and capabilities of the patient. And even more, they teach other Russian orthodontists to master this system. Choosing INSIGNIA and the aesthetic orthodontics clinic Confidencia is the right first step to a perfect smile.

How much do dental braces with digital orthodontics cost?

In the clinic Confidencia, the approximate cost of braces is announced at the consultation of the orthodontist. After undergoing orthodontic diagnosis, each patient receives 1 or 2 options to choose from with full financial plans for the entire duration of treatment. Be careful when comparing treatment plans. In specialized orthodontic centers, the plan includes the cost of diagnostics, the installation of a bracket system for 2 teeth rows and a certain fixed number of activations - visits to the orthodontist (not monthly payments). Bracket system can not cost 25 000 rubles. This may be the price of installing braces only for 1 dentition and nothing more, but as a result this price will increase 5, 7 or more times.

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Orthodontist consultation 1 000  
1 consultation per a day for FREE
3D computed tomography 3 200 
Diagnostics 3 500  
Fixing braces on the model 6 000  
Complex of preventive measures before the orthodontic treatment 4 700  
Laboratory stage of manufacturing the bracket system using Insignia (Ormco) digital orthodontics technology (1 detention) 25 000  
INSIGNIA Damon Q metal braces installation(1 detention) 25 000  
First payment 50%
INSIGNIA Damon Clear
Laboratory stage of manufacturing the bracket system using Insignia (Ormco) digital orthodontics technology (1 detention) 25 000  
Installation of INSIGNIA Damon Clear braces ( 1 detention) 35 000  
First payment 50%
Customized digital INSIGNIA bracesPRICE
Customized digital INSIGNIA braces
Laboratory stage of manufacturing the bracket system using Insignia (Ormco) digital orthodontics technology (1 detention) 25 000  
Installation of  metal INSIGNIA Damon Q braces (1 detention) 25 000  
Installation of crystal clear ceramic  customized INSIGNIA Damon Clear braces (1 detention) 35 000  
First payment 50%
Activation (1 level) 3 250  
Retention period (retainers, 2 year maintenance), 1 detention 15 000 

Our clients results

Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.
Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.

Problem: smile aesthetics and defect in bite function.
Diagnosis: the treatment of upper and lower jaw teeth misalignment and class III malocclusion, caused by increased mandible growth, and prosthetic preparation.
Therapy method chosen: orthodontic treatment using stainless steel self-ligating brackets Damon Q without teeth extraction..
Treatment time: 3 years.


Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.
Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.

Problem:  Smile Aesthetics
Diagnosis: treatment of severe crowding of the dentition.
Selected treatment method: orthodontic treatment with brackets without tooth extraction using the Damon Q metal self-ligating bracket system.
Treatment term:  2,5 years.

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