Clear Flexi Ligner aligners

Flexi Ligner aligners are an effective solution for bite correction without braces. Millions of patients around the world appreciated the advantages of transparent caps. Aligners are easy to use and invisible to others, making their popularity grows every year.

The advantages of transparent cap


Aligners are transparent - they are not noticeable to others.

Predictable treatment

Prior to the beginning of wearing flexiligners you will see Ortho-Check (virtual treatment plan). The doctor will evaluate the result of the treatment and, if necessary, correct it in advance in the program, and not on the teeth.


They are modelled on your teeth, and the edges of the flexs are carefully polished and do not adhere the gum - do not rub, do not cause irritation. They are removed at the meal time and will not interfere with the meal, will not stain. They are removed at the time of hygiene - brushing your teeth is simple.

Quick effect

The feature of the aligners is the mechanics of action. It straighten uneven teeth back, hiding pathology of the bite from the very beginning of treatment, transforming a smile.


Aligners are made of a special medical material from which make droppers, tubes, silicones. It is bioinert and not allergic

Treat different cases

Suitable for the treatment of both simple cases and difficult. It is possible to treat very difficult cases, preparing for orthopedics, - it is individual. Miniscrews can be used as with braces. Sometimes the treatment can be carried out on one dentition, depending on the indications, although more often we treat both.

Suitable for joint treatment

Caps relax the joint, and are therefore indicated for patients with joint dysfunction.

How does the treatment by aligners go?

1. Consultation with an orthodontist, 3D imaging

The doctor must be certified to work with the aligners. At the consultation, you discuss the problems and expectations, the doctor makes the necessary impressions and talks about the preparatory stage – teeth treatment.

2. Complete santitation of the oral cavity.

A very important point: all teeth should be thoroughly treated prior to the start of treatment. In the process of wearing a cap, the patient's task is to thoroughly brush his teeth and prevent the appearance of caries. If this happens, the dentists of the clinic will put a filling in the form of an aligner, however, this may slow down the treatment process.

3. Taking impressions and sending

The doctor makes impressions and sends it to the FlexiLigner factory.

4. Scanning impressions and 3D modeling of an even smile

The impressions are scanned and loaded into a special program to implement the plan of the doctor in a three-dimensional format. The work of 3d-designers passes strict control of the Italian specialists.

5. Ortho-Check and its coordination with the doctor and patient

Virtual planning of all stages of treatment. Ortho-check allows you to see the outcome of treatment before the beginning of wearing flexs. It shows how many aligners need to be manufactured, calculates the terms of treatment and schedule of visits to the clinic. After its approval, the first pair of caps is made.

6. Production of caps and delivery to the clinic

Caps are printed on a 3D printer. Printers of the latest generation exclude the possibility of errors when turning a computer model into a physical one. Finished aligners are thoroughly polished to be comfortable to wear, and sent to the clinic.

7. Wearing aligners

Caps are manufactured in series: up to 8 pairs of caps, from 9 to 16, from 17 to 32 and more, but this is for complex cases. First, the clinic will receive the first part of the cap. What is it done for? To control the quality of movement of teeth. On regular visits, the doctor checks how the treatment is going and whether the situation in the mouth corresponds to the plan. If everything goes according to plan, the doctor orders the remaining part of the aligners. In case of deviations, the doctor again makes the impressions and corrects the treatment according to these impressions in the Flexi Ligner laboratory.

Visits to the doctor on average are scheduled once a month. The duration of treatment depends on the case of the patient and may take from 6 months to 2 years. The waiting period for the aligners is 1.5 months.

What is important if you decide to be treated by aligners

  • Hygiene

    After eating, it is necessary to brush your teeth, because the caps are so precise that if you do not brush your teeth, but just rinse, it may not wear out. It is not recommended to drink hot, sweet and coloring drinks in caps.

  • Discipline

    It is necessary to wear caps for 22 hours a day. They are removed at meal time, otherwise they will be damaged, and at the time of cleaning. The rest of the time they are on the teeth. Two extra hours without a cap can lead to a two-day delay in treatment. If you have lost or broken the aligner, you will have to order it in the Flexi Ligner laboratory.

  • Buttons and elastics

    In order for the cap to press into the right place, you need an excess of material. To do this, composite buttons are made on the teeth, and a space in the caps for them is arranged by the program

    To correct the bite you need to wear elastics, as with braces. To do this, a special hole is cut in the cap, a button is glued to the tooth from the material to match the color of the tooth - this way the elastic is fixed.

    You must be prepared for the fact that buttons and elastics are inevitable in any kind of orthodontic treatment.

  • Limitations

    Despite the fact that aligners are suitable for treating various cases, there are those when the doctor recommends treatment with a bracket system.

    Contraindications to the aligners, as well as to any individual appliance, are not fully cut teeth. In this case, while the aligner is manufactured and delivered, it may simply not wear on.

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