Combined Braces

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What are combined braces?

Patients like even and beautiful teeth after orthodontic treatment. Since the treatment takes from 1.5 to 2 years, patients want to spend this time not only with comfort, but also so that can be seen as little as possible elements of the bracket system.

For patients who want to get the best balance of aesthetics, comfort and speed of treatment, there is a combined bracket system.

How are brackets combined?

Brackets are often combined only within the same line of braces from the same manufacturer.

Combined traditional brackets

Комбинированные лигатурные брекеты

Sapphire brackets Inspire Ice (Ormco) + Metal brackets Orthos (Ormco)

Transparent brackets Inspire Ice are installed on the frontal group of teeth from canine to canine, one of the world's best aesthetics brackets. The brackets of this system adapt to the color of the teeth and look very beautiful, the rest of the brackets are effective metal.

Combined self-ligating brackets

Metal brackets are installed on the lateral teeth from the 4th to the 7th tooth, and transparent ceramic brackets, which are very aesthetic and do not have metal ties or rubber bands, are installed on the frontal group (from canine to canine).

Put the combined brackets on both jaws or only on the upper?

  • For patients who want to see as little metal as possible, put transparent brackets from canine to canine on both jaws, and on the lateral teeth - metal.
  • For most teenagers, the lower teeth are not visible when talking, so you can put both a combined system and a metal bracket system at the lower teeth
  • For people whose lower teeth are visible when talking (mostly people of a slightly older age), the combined bracket system can be placed on both jaws - upper and lower.

Why is it better to combine transparent front brackets and metal brackets on the side?

Reliability. Something rarely happens with metal brackets. Transparent brackes in the lateral section (where most food is chewed up) can be peeled off. Therefore, where special reliability is needed and the main chewing takes place, it is better to use durable metal braces. In front (for aesthetics with a smile) you can install transparent braces

Functionality. Metal brackets work a little better mechanically than transparent ones. With transparent brackets it will take a little more time to achieve the perfect position of the teeth, however with “invisible” brackets you will feel more comfortable.

Cost. Combined brackets are more affordable. This is really the golden mean in terms of cost between inexpensive metal brackets, and inconspicuous, but expensive ceramic, sapphire or lingual brackets. Good opportunity to save without loss in quality.

What are the advantages of combined Damon brackets?

The advantages of metal braces
The advantages of ceramic braces

Types of combined bracket systems:

The advantage of brackets manufactured by Ormco is that all of these brackets are from a single Damon system, which are presented in two material options - ceramics and metal. They can definitely be combined.

Brackets from different manufacturers are not recommended to be combined with each other, because usually these are brackets from different systems with different principles of biomechanics. But the orthodontist must understand what is happening, must know what parameters are embedded in each bracket system in order to mix with each other, otherwise the results may be different. Even within a single manufacturer, you need to do this with knowledge and check it very carefully. If an orthodontist works with American Orthodontics systems, then he may try to combine them, but only within the product line.

Why do not orthodontists use combined brackets?

Because it is more convenient for many orthodontists to work with metal brackets, for them this is a more predictable and simple option, and less time spent on calculations.

Why do not all patients know that combined brackets are inexpensive and beautiful?

Sometimes patients come with prejudices against metal brackets. For many patients appearance really matters. Then there is a choice: transparent or lingual brackets. However, transparent ones are not always suitable for difficult treatment, and lingual brackets are too expensive for many patients. In such cases, combined brackets will help.

All well-known lecturers in orthodontics who come to Russia with lectures say that Damon Clear brackets can and should be combined with Damon Q brackets. Сombined braces definitely require a little more experience, knowledge and training from a doctor.

How long ago combined brackets did appear in Confidence clinic?

From the very first day, our orthodontists combine brackets. Prior to Damon Clear ceramic brackets, an aesthetic version of the Inspire Ice combo sapphire brackets with metal Orthos was used. In 2009, Damon Q brackets came out and they were combined with Inspire Ice brackets, that is traditional brackets with self-ligating. Then, when Damon Clear transparent brackets appeared, they began to be combined with Damon Q.

Is it possible to combine traditional and self-ligating brackets?

In theory and in some situations, it can be combined, but you need to clearly understand the indications and contraindications for this type of combination. An orthodontist needs a very high level of skill, because these brackets have different thickness and parameters, and there may be difficulties in the treatment process. Orthodontists at the Confidence clinic before the release of Damon Q ceramic brackets successfully combined traditional self-ligating brackets and ligature sapphire brackets, thanks to the highest level of professionalism and knowledge of the mechanism of their combination.

What is the advantage of combined brackets over transparent?

If the patient is determined to transparent brackets, but it doesn’t matter if they are from the 5th to the 5th tooth above and below or not, then the orthodontist offers a combo option from canine to canine, and in that case really everyone is happy with the result. An orthodontist can more easily achieve correct contact in the lateral regions, and the cost of treatment is reduced.

How to take care of combined brackets?

During treatment on any bracket system, we recommend more strict rules of oral hygiene and an expanded arsenal of home hygiene products:

  • orthodontic toothbrush and end-tuft toothbrush;
  • orthodontic dental floss and brushes for interdental spaces;
  • alternating toothpaste with remineralizing gel;
  • irrigator for the oral cavity;
  • avoid hard foods such as nuts;
  • Other useful tips and guidelines can be found in the Orthodontic Patients section.

Process of orthodontic treatment

Consultation with orthodontist
1 hour
Diagnostics (includes the review of medical history, photo protocol, taking imprints)
1,5 hour
Choosing treatment plan
Therapeutic treatment 
if necessary
Braces fixing
1,5 hours
Teeth alignment
5-7 months
Bite correction
4-10 месяцев
Detailed treatment
1-3 months
Braces removing and fixing of retainers
1 hour
Retantion period
up to 2 yaers

Where to put the combined brackets in St. Petersburg?

Having decided to start orthodontic treatment, you can choose from hundreds of dental clinics in St. Petersburg. However, if you are interested in a quality result and an international approach to the installation of brackets and treatment, it will be optimal to contact a specialized orthodontic center. Especially for you, the head of the orthodontic department, Mikhail Morozov, prepared advice on how to choose your orthodontist. Sign up for a consultation right now, leaving a request on the site, or by calling: 8 812 421 69 03

How much do combined brackets cost?

When choosing a clinic and an orthodontist, patients are not always able to immediately understand what makes up the total amount of orthodontic treatment. Often, clinics say that the cost of treatment is only the price of installing a bracket system, or they do not tell the exact number of visits (activations) or offer veiled monthly prices. We recommend that you also be careful with special offers. When prices obviously seem to be very low, you may be the first patient at your doctor, but competent treatment begins in the first place with an experienced orthodontist.

Author:  Petrova Elena, Orthodontist

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Price of combined braces in Konfidencia Clinic

Consultation with orthodontist 1 000  
1 Consultation per a day for FREE
Computed tomography 3 200 
Diagnostics 3 500  
Fixing the bracket system on the model 6 000  
The complex of preventive measures before the start of orthodontic treatment
Discount up to 50%!
4 700  
Damon Q+Clear PRICE
Damon Q+Clear
Combined braces Damon Q+Clear installation
(2 detentions)
51 000 + 41 000   
First payment 50%
Activation (1 level) 3 250  
Orthos+Inspre IcePRICE
Orthos+Inspre Ice
Combined braces Orthos+Inspire Ice installation 
(2 detentions)
32 000 + 12 000  
First payment 50%
Activation (2 level) (Orthos, inspire Ice, Lingual, Damon 3MX) 3 750  

Retention period (retainers, 2 years maintenance), 1 detention

15 000 

Our clients results

Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.
Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.

Problem: smile aesthetics and defect in bite function.
Diagnosis: the treatment of upper and lower jaw teeth misalignment and class III malocclusion, caused by increased mandible growth, and prosthetic preparation.
Therapy method chosen: orthodontic treatment using stainless steel self-ligating brackets Damon Q without teeth extraction..
Treatment time: 3 years.


Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.
Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.

Problem:  Smile Aesthetics
Diagnosis: treatment of severe crowding of the dentition.
Selected treatment method: orthodontic treatment with brackets without tooth extraction using the Damon Q metal self-ligating bracket system.
Treatment term:  2,5 years.

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