Invisible Lingual Incognito Braces

Name: Incognito (Incognito) Manufacturer: 3M (Germany)Material: gold alloy Number of activations: 16
Duration ot treatment:

Orthodontic treatment usually lasts a long period of time and forces you to get used to extraneous structures in your mouth that are visible to others. To correct the bite without prejudice to appearance, set lingual brackets. They are attached to the inside surface of the teeth, facing the tongue, and are invisible even with active articulation.

Incognito Lingual Braces are internal gold alloy ligature brackets. It is created personally for the patient at a factory in Germany using virtual modeling and three-dimensional computer milling technology for the bracket system elements.

Features of Incognito braces

  • Incognito braces are made from a special gold alloy. Gold is a neutral metal that will suit even patients with a tendency to allergies. In addition, gold is very durable, and is considered the best metal for the manufacturing of strong and thin structures.
  • An individual copy of brackets for each patient is made on the molds in a laboratory in Germany. Base of bracket exactly repeat the relief of the surface of the tooth. An ideal attachment prevents tooth decay and demineralization. Due to individual archwires, treatment is faster than with standardized brackets - the first results are visible after 4 months.
  • Before starting treatment, a virtual and physical model of a future smile is created in the laboratory. The patient and the orthodontist see the outcome of the treatment in advance.
  • Archwires for brackets are created using CAD / CAM technology - three-dimensional programmable milling. Making archwires by robot eliminates the possibility of error and the human factor.
  • Incognito brackets are one of the flattest among lingual brackets. They protrude above the tooth surface by only 2 mm.




Stages of treatment on the Incognito lingual system

Orthodontic treatment on individual lingual brackets, such as Win and Incognito, consists of several stages:

Diagnostic stage
  1. Consultation of the orthodontist + 3D-imaging + photo protocol
    1 hour
  2. Dental treatment
    if necessary
  3. Making impressions to create brackets
    1 hour
The stage of computer modeling and manufacturing of brackets
4 weeks
  1. Sending prints and comments of the doctor to Germany
  2. Creating a virtual 3D model of an even smile
  3. Creating a physical 3D model of an even smile
  4. Coordination of models with the attending orthodontist
  5. Computer design of brackets
  6. Making brackets, archwires and transfer caps
  7. Sending a set of brackets, archwires and caps with physical 3D-models to the clinic
Stage of treatment on brackets
  1. Fixing brackets with a cap (indirect fixation)
  2. Activation of the bracket system ~ 16 activations
    Once every 1.5 months for 40-60 minutes
  3. Removing the bracket system and installing retainers
    1 hour
  4. Retention period
    2 years

How to take care of Incognito brackets

  • • It is important to perform a complete sanitation of the oral cavity before taking impressions and sending them to the laboratory. After taking impressions and before installing brackets, teeth cannot be treated or removed, otherwise brackets will not work.
  • • It is necessary to exclude from the diet solid and viscous products for the entire period of treatment. Gold is a very strong metal, but even gold can not withstand strong mechanical effects. In case of breakage of parts of brackets, you will need to order new ones at a factory in Germany, which will significantly affect the cost and speed of treatment.
  • • To maintain good hygiene when cleaning lingual brackets you need to use special brushes and irrigator. Ordinary brushing will not be enough to handle all hard-to-reach places of internal brackets.
  • • Be sure to visit the hygienist 1 time in 3 months or according to the recommendation of the orthodontist.

Incognito brackets are suitable for those who expect not standard orthodontic treatment, but maximum comfort, an individual approach and stunning accuracy. Comfortable design will not affect the appearance and lifestyle, premium materials are responsible for a comfortable size and durability.

Author:  Petrova Elena, Orthodontist

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Our clients results

Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.
Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.

Problem: smile aesthetics and defect in bite function.
Diagnosis: the treatment of upper and lower jaw teeth misalignment and class III malocclusion, caused by increased mandible growth, and prosthetic preparation.
Therapy method chosen: orthodontic treatment using stainless steel self-ligating brackets Damon Q without teeth extraction..
Treatment time: 3 years.


Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.
Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.

Problem:  Smile Aesthetics
Diagnosis: treatment of severe crowding of the dentition.
Selected treatment method: orthodontic treatment with brackets without tooth extraction using the Damon Q metal self-ligating bracket system.
Treatment term:  2,5 years.

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