Inspire Ice Sapphire Braces

Name: Inspire Ice – inspired by ice Material: synthesized sapphireManufacturer: Ormco (USA) Number of activations: 18
normal - high result
visible – invisible braces
Duration of treatment:
long - fast
economy – premium

What are sapphire braces?

Inspire Ice Sapphire Braces are the most beautiful brackets available. One type of ceramic brackets made by Ormco. Traditional advantages of sapphire brackets are their transparency, which is not lost over time, hardness and hypoallergenic.

Sapphire braces installation?

Inspire Ice brackets are attached to the outer surface of the teeth, and the archwires are fixed by ligatures (special rubber ties).

Sapphire braces are often called aesthetic or invisible braces.

What are sapphire braces?

Inspire Ice braces – a work of jewelry art. They are so transparent that the manufacturer had to cover one of the sides with a water-soluble dye using Face Paint technology so that orthodontists could work more comfortably.

Сапфировые брекеты на зубах с разным цветом эмали

Sapphire braces on teeth with different enamel color

Сапфировые брекеты с белыми лигатурами

Sapphire braces with white ligatures

Advantages of Inspire Ice sapphire braces

high reliability of fixation without damage to the tooth enamel;
do not react to pigments and food dyes;
completely hypoallergenic;
the cheapest of aesthetic brackets

Disadvantages of sapphire braces

Traditional flaws were previously fragility, high archwire friction in the slot, and difficulties in removing. These shortcomings have been completely eliminated in the improved system of sapphire brackets Inspire Ice. Also transparent ligatures of brackets can be painted with strong dyes, but this is not critical, because at each visit (once a month and a half) the doctor replaces it.

Sapphire or ceramic braces to choose - what are the differences?

Inspire Ice or Damon Clear? The manufacturer of both aesthetic brackets is Ormco. Each has its advantages. The stiffness of Inspire Ice sapphire brackets is much higher than that of Damon ceramic. If the patient's teeth fall on a sapphire bracket when biting, they can wear off, if on a ceramic one, the bracket itself can wear off. When installing a sapphire system is very important that the teeth do not close on the bracket. Usually such moments are taken into account by the orthodontist when choosing the orthodontic treatment plan for the patient.

Ormco transparent brackets are of two types - sapphire and ceramic.

The aesthetic appearance of Ormco sapphire brackets is more stable than ceramic with constant interaction with food dyes or poor oral hygiene. If you are a strong coffee lover, but are not sure that you will be able to carry out regular hygiene and at the same time want to keep brackets as presentable as possible - we recommend you a sapphire bracket system. With all the recommendations and ceramic brackets remain beautiful and invisible all the treatment. However, Damon Clear brackets are considered more efficient thanks to SpinTek sliding technology. The choice of brackets is individual, we recommend that you identify 3 key factors for yourself and choose from them.

How does the fixation and removal of sapphire braces go?

Indirect fixation is the most progressive method that orthodontists are just beginning to use in Russia. Brackets are fixed by an orthodontist, not one by one in the mouth, but previously on a model made from the impression of the patient’s dentitions. From the model, the brackets are precision transferred to the cap. Installing all brackets at once from a cap is very comfortable and takes only a few minutes.

Brackets removal is made by a special tool and is absolutely painless and atraumatic for enamel.

Снятие брекетов

How are archwires replaced?

Orthodontic archwires are change several times during the period of orthodontic treatment - gradually from mild to more rigid. The process itself is quite simple - the doctor simply removes the ligatures, pulls out the old archwire from the slots of the brackets, changes it to a new one and fixes it with new ligatures.

How to take care of sapphire braces?

We recommend to follow the classical rules of oral hygiene while wearing braces:

  • orthodontic toothbrush, end-tuft toothbrush;
  • dental floss, brush;
  • good toothpaste;
  • irrigator;
  • do not nibble and avoid hard foods such as nuts;
  • Useful tips and guidelines can be found in the Orthodontic Patients section.

Indications and contraindications for sapphire braces

Sapphire brackets are the best option for people to whom their smile is important during treatment. In our experience, these brackets often turn out to be an excellent compromise option for cost, result and appearance for teenagers and students.

Sapphire brackets are not recommended in case of strong anomalies of the dentition - in such situations, more effective metal brackets are recommended. You should also pay attention to the presence of stains on the enamel and low level of oral hygiene of the patient. The remaining recommendations are common to any bracket system.

Types of sapphire braces:

  • Inspire Ice® (Ormco) sapphire brackets - transparent and inconspicuous brackets for patients with high demands on smile aesthetics, hypoallergenic and inexpensive.
    We recommend Inspire Ice sapphire brackets!
  • Radiance ™ (American Orthodontics) sapphire brackets are slightly larger than Inspire Ice, the brackets are fastened in the central part and weakened at the edges.
  • Pure Sapphire Brackets (Ortho Technology) - miniature brackets with a round, smooth shape and neat design.
  • Miso Sapphire Brackets - Korean bracket system with special locks in the form of valves.
  • Damon Clear Sapphire Brackets (Ormco) - mistakenly called as ligature sapphire brackets, in fact, they are not sapphire, but ceramic, and have a number of significant differences. You can read more about sapphire brackets here.

During patient interviews, it turned out that they, for the most part, preferred Ormco Inspire Ice sapphire brackets to other ceramic brackets. (according to Ormco)

Process of orthodontic treatment

Consultation with orthodontist
1 hour
Diagnostics (includes the review of medical history, photo protocol, taking imprints)
1,5 hour 
Choosing treatment plan
Therapeutic treatment 
if necessary
Braces fixing
1,5 hour
Teeth alignment
5-7 months
Bite correction
4-10 months
Detailed treatment
1-3 months
Установка ретейнеров и снятие брекетов
1 hour
Retention period
up to 2 years

What are sapphire braces made of?

Finishing of brackets occurs with the application of a micron layer of zirconium spheres, which provide strong mechanical fixation due to greater adhesion of surfaces and at the same time the removal of brackets that is absolutely atraumatic for enamel.

Where to put sapphire braces in St. Petersburg?

When choosing a clinic and a treating orthodontist, we recommend patients to contact specialized orthodontic centers, such as the Confidencia Aesthetic Orthodontics Clinic. In them, patients are supervised not only by their attending orthodontist, but also by the head of the orthodontic department, as well as at the general meetings of all orthodontists at the clinic. This is a rather rare approach for Russia, so you can eliminate the risk of unnecessary complications of treatment if, during the wearing of brackets, your doctor leaves the clinic or goes on maternity leave.

How much are sapphire braces?

Different clinics show different, sometimes very different, formats of plans and cost of orthodontic treatment. How not to make mistakes in the calculations, learn how to compare plans with each other and how the full cost of orthodontic treatment with sapphire brackets is actually formed here.

Author:  Svetlova Polina, Orthodontist

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Our clients results

Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.
Clinical case report #1. Class III malocclusion, crowding treatment and prosthetic preparation.

Problem: smile aesthetics and defect in bite function.
Diagnosis: the treatment of upper and lower jaw teeth misalignment and class III malocclusion, caused by increased mandible growth, and prosthetic preparation.
Therapy method chosen: orthodontic treatment using stainless steel self-ligating brackets Damon Q without teeth extraction..
Treatment time: 3 years.


Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.
Clinical case 2. Correction of the aesthetics of a smile and severe crowding of the dentition.

Problem:  Smile Aesthetics
Diagnosis: treatment of severe crowding of the dentition.
Selected treatment method: orthodontic treatment with brackets without tooth extraction using the Damon Q metal self-ligating bracket system.
Treatment term:  2,5 years.

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