Comprehensive teeth examination Dental Check-Up

Dental Check Dental Health Care Program is a basic preventive examination.

In the modern world, with its active rhythm of life, health issues for many are in the background until they begin to bring obvious discomfort. Diseases of the oral cavity identified in the early stages can be treated much better, and timely prevention can prophylactics or delay the development of many problems.

We suggest you to change the position "to treat teeth" to the position "to save teeth".

How to check the health of your teeth?

With the help of a comprehensive oral health check. It includes the consultation of medical specialists and diagnostic studies with subsequent conclusion and individual recommendations for treatment or prevention.

Who is recommended to pass the check-up?
Anyone who cares about their health. Especially important if you have:

  • numerous fillings and other restorations;
  • a decrease in the comfort of the oral cavity - the teeth or gums;
  • there was orthodontic treatment in childhood or adolescence;
  • genetic susceptibility to gum disease;
  • in some situations, painful symptoms appear in the lower jaw joint or crunch;
  • lack of proper nutrition, often use medications
  • there is constant stress, you smoke;
  • the habit of clenching teeth and you observe their erasability;
  • there was a subjective change in the condition of the teeth or gums after pregnancy.

What result you will get:

  • a plan with options for the rehabilitation of a smile in aesthetics and functions;
  • drawing up an individual plan of preventive measures;
  • prognosis of the oral cavity in perspective;
  • recommendations for improving dental health;
  • selection of a complex of home hygiene taking into account personal features.

The most common situations that we help to solve:

  • loss of aesthetics and smile health;
  • hidden results of inflammation (cysts, granulomas);
  • abrasion of teeth or chipped fillings, malocclusion;
  • hidden caries, including under the seals;
  • old, insolvent fillings;
  • ineffective oral hygiene;
  • loss of gum health and plaque.

Time saving

The average time usually spent by patients on a similar plan is at least 7 hours over a period of 3-5 weeks. With our program you will spend no more than 4 hours for 10 days.

We will take care of your health and your time.

How is the program conducted?

First visit

You make an appointment with the chief doctor of the clinic, who will be the coordinator of your prevention program. During the visit, a special protocol for diagnostic examination of the dentist-therapist is performed, and a number of additional studies are being conducted. All your wishes (it can be aesthetics and design of a new smile, restoration, veneers, bite correction, whitening) and questions are also entered in detail into the personal audit questionnaire. Nothing more is required of you.

Interim results

The medical curator gathers a consultation of allied specialists (orthodontist, orthopedist, surgeon, etc.) to jointly discuss research results and a photo protocol. Each case is considered in two planes: health and functions of the dentition and the joint, as well as the aesthetic component of a smile. Doctors draw up an individual plan, which may include a visit to one or more additional specialists and a set of recommended preventive measures.

Approximately in 5-7 working days we will invite you to the next reception of additional specialists. A convenient time is selected for you so that you can visit all the necessary consultations in one or two times.

Final visit

The head doctor will combine all the results obtained into a detailed conclusion and recommendations, will talk about risk factors and offer, if necessary, a step-by-step treatment plan. You will also receive tips on improving dental health and the possibilities of rehabilitating a smile in accordance with modern careful technologies, advice from doctors and personal wishes. You will be given a special card with explanations and designation of the necessary steps so that at any time you can refer to this information.

The program includes

Consultation specialists:

  • Chief doctor, dentist-therapist of the highest category;
  • Head of the orthodontic department, orthodontist;
  • Orthopedic dentist;
  • dental surgeon, periodontist, implantologist;
  • radiologist according to the results of 3D digital radiodiagnosis;
  • dental hygienist.

Diagnostic tests:

  • 3D digital X-ray;
  • determination of hygienic index;
  • hardware laser diagnostics of caries;
  • photo protocol;
  • bite diagnosis;
  • periodontal diagnosis;
  • You may also be advised to undergo blood tests.


The cost of the program is 8,500 rubles.  (If all the same services are bought separately, their cost will amount to 17,450 rubles.)

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