MIS implants

MIS implants are manufactured by the Israeli company Medical Implants Technologies Ltd. The products are created using Swiss and Japanese technologies, undergoes thorough clinical and laboratory research in collaboration with prestigious universities around the world.

With the help of scientific research, tests and analysis of the results of implantations, the company identifies weaknesses and constantly improves its products.

Features of MIS implants

  1. The porous surface of the titanium pin is created by the method of acid etching and sandblasting. Due to the rough layer, the implant is interned faster in the bone material.
  2. Implants are cast from high-quality titanium without impurities and do not contain additional chemical coating - therefore, they are absolutely hypoallergenic.
  3. Affordable price for a decent level of quality.
  4. A wide range of implants and orthopedic structures for various clinical cases.
  5. The short period of engraftment is 8-10 weeks (compared to other systems of implantation of an economy class).
  6. 5 years warranty

Types of Mis Implants

Imnplants MIS C1. Standard conical implants that replicate the natural shape of the tooth root are used for classical two-stage implantation. Due to the special hexagonal connection of the implant and abutment, mobility is excluded when chewing load. Using a double thread, the implant is securely fixed in the bone material.

MIS Seven (Mis 7). Universal conical implant is suitable for installation in any kind of bone and for implantation with bone plastics. The diameter of the double thread increases from tip to neck. This design allows you to install the implant easily and effortlessly. The tip of the rod (apex) is both cutting and safe - it can be used to set the exact direction of the implant installation, without undue injury to the bone.

MIS V3. Implants with a coronal part (gum shaper) of a triangular shape, stimulating the natural preservation of soft tissue. Used to restore the front teeth with the most aesthetic appearance of the gums.

MIS Uno. Thin one-piece design of implant and abutment for installation in narrow alveolar processes and inadequate space conditions. Usually used to repair the front incisors on both jaws or fixing the bridge.

Имплантат МIS M4 (BioCom). The implant has a cylindrical shape with a uniform compression thread. Suitable for single stage and two stage implantation.

MIS Link. are mini implants used as support in orthodontic treatment.

MIS implants combine high quality osseointegration with an affordable price. In the wide range you can choose an implant for any clinical case. With proper care and adherence to a doctor’s recommendation, MIS implants can last for a lifetime.
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Safe and reliable implantation
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Dental surgeon consultation 1 000  
3D computed tomography 3 200  
Surgical template with 1-2 implantation units 10 900  
Surgical template with 3 implantation units 16 450
Surgical template for implantation with total adentia 20 150  

Implantation with "STANDART" category implants

36 000  
Implantation with "PREMIUM" category implants 48 000 
Implantation with "LUXE" category implants 52 000
Mini implant installation 12 500  
Disposable surgical kit for implantation 1 800  

Temporary abutment for the prosthetic implant

3 850

Permanent abutment for implant prosthetics

12 700

Individual zirconium oxide, titanium abutment

14 700

Temporary composite crown (aesthetic)

7 150

Metal ceramic artificial crown

25 050

Zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide artificial crown

 39 800
Metal-free (full-ceramic) artificial crown 36 950
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