Swiss Nobel BioCare Implants

Nobel Biocare is the world leader in implants. The founder of the company opened the property of titanium to integrate with bone material and performed an implantation operation with full adentia back in 1965.

Nobel Biocare is constantly improving product quality through scientific research, multi-stage testing and attracting the best specialists.

Today Nobel implants are used by leading clinics in 40 countries around the world and are considered one of the most reliable.

Features of Nobel Biocare implants

  1. Patented TiUnit coating. Highly crystalline titanium oxide enriched with phosphate forms a rough surface on the implant. The porous structure provides improved integration with the bone material - the bone literally grows into pinholes on the rod.
  2. Micro thread Groovy — this is an additional groove on the main thread. This coating stimulates the growth of new bone cells and is ideal for patients with low quality bone material.
  3. Grade 4 alloy based on titanium with a minimum amount of impurities. It does not contain aluminum and vanadium and is completely biologically compatible with body tissues.
  4. A wide range of implants for various clinical cases: for installation in 1 or 2 stages, with a deficit of bone tissue and complete adentia.
  5. 99.3% — Nobel implant survival rate. All systems are given a lifetime warranty.
  6. If there are no teeth in the jaws, they can be restored using the Nobel BioCare All-on-4 system - on just four implants.
  7. Nobel implants are installed with metal-free crowns with a high degree of aesthetics and the ability to withstand any chewing load.

Nobel Active

Universal implant suitable for classical, single-stage implantation, restoration of the dentition according to the All-on-4 system and implantation of the front teeth. The conical shape and special thread ensure quick installation and good fixation even in small bone volumes.

Nobel Parallel CC

Suitable for classical and simultaneous implantation, specially designed for immediate loading. It is perfectly fixed in any volume of bone tissue due to its shape. The special conical connection of the abutment with the base of the implant eliminates any micromotion and provides tightness. To detail the aesthetics of the crown, the abutment can be fixed in several different positions.

Nobel Replace

4 implant options for any clinical cases. The root form simplifies the installation and stabilization of the implant in the bone. The patented surface material has the property of high osseointegration.

Nobel Speedy

A wide range of implants of different diameters and lengths with deep thread for high primary stability. It is used according to the protocol of the accelerated installation without the need for full preparation of the site.

Branemark System

Classic implants created by the original development of the company's founder in combination with modern technology.

Nobel implants are the ideal solution for patients with poor bone quality. They are quickly integrated, have a lifetime warranty and are used in combination with reliable, highly aesthetic crowns.
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Implantation with lifetime warranty
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Dental surgeon consultation 1 000  
3D computed tomography 3 200  
Surgical template with 1-2 implantation units 10 900  
Surgical template with 3 implantation units 16 450
Surgical template for implantation with total adentia 20 150  

Implantation with "STANDART" category implants

36 000  
Implantation with "PREMIUM" category implants 48 000 
Implantation with "LUXE" category implants 52 000
Mini implant installation 12 500  
Disposable surgical kit for implantation 1 800  

Temporary abutment for the prosthetic implant

3 850

Permanent abutment for implant prosthetics

12 700

Individual zirconium oxide, titanium abutment

14 700

Temporary composite crown (aesthetic)

7 150

Metal ceramic artificial crown

25 050

Zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide artificial crown

 39 800
Metal-free (full-ceramic) artificial crown 36 950
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